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Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Profit in an Uncertain World
June 18, 2024
8:00- 9:00 AM PT/ 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET
Presented in partnership with Workday

In this virtual Emerging CFO discussion we will gather top CFOs to explore the new science of decision intelligence and how it’s enabling them to create forecasts, connect planning with execution, optimize spend, and manage risk amid disruption. Confirmed speakers will include: Joseph Fuller, Professor of Management Practice and Co-head of Managing the Future of Work Project, Harvard Business School

We will examine how leading CFOs are harnessing the combination of AI, machine learning, and advanced computing power to:

Mitigate risks to the business from geopolitics and trade flows, climate change, and energy fluctuations
Enhance profitability by optimizing working capital, inventories, and pricing strategies
Evaluate credit risk and the impact of inflation and interest rates on the balance sheet

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June 18, 2024
1:00 PM BST (2:00 PM CET)
Presented in partnership with Great Place to Work and UKG

During this period of global uncertainty and technological transformation, maintaining our connections with one another is more vital than ever in building great workplace cultures. In this virtual session, we will explore how your business can leverage advances in technology while keeping the importance of the human element top of mind. Moderated by Fortune Executive Editor, Europe, Alex Wood Morton, we’ll hear from leading executives, including Trine Strømsnes, Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Norway and Tony Bond, Executive Vice President, Chief Diversity and Innovation Officer, Great Place To Work.

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June 26, 2024
12:00 NOON–1:00 PM GMT+8
In partnership with Accenture

Generative AI offers endless possibilities, yet ramps up risk and introduces new threats. Executives’ top concerns include leading their organizations through technological change, such as AI, while safeguarding against potential security vulnerabilities. Leaders must integrate gen AI, so they are not caught flat-footed by the fast-evolving technology, while maximizing the best advantages of the latest cybersecurity. Hear from top experts about how to tap the unparalleled opportunities offered by gen AI while leveraging cybersecurity to protect your operations, assets, and data.

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Previous Conversations

Presented in partnership with UKG and Great Place to Work
Learn from leading CEOs from FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. During this period of ongoing global and economic uncertainty, trust is more vital than ever in building great workplace cultures. According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees at high-trust companies report higher productivity, more energy at work, less stress, and less burnout. Moderated by Fortune CEO Alan Murray, we’ll hear from leading CEOs from FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list about how they have successfully created high-trust environments, and develop a playbook for your organization so it can accomplish the same.

December 5, 2023
Presented in partnership with UKG

Join FORTUNE Executive Editor Peter Vanham, Great Place to Work Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity and Innovation Officer Tony Bond, DHL Europe incoming CEO Mike Parra, Hilton EMEA EVP and President Simon Vincent, and AbbVie Head of Business HR, Europe Véronique Molinari—whose organizations all rank among FORTUNE’s World’s 25 Best Workplaces. We’ll explore how to build a company culture in a weak economic environment that puts people first and achieves strong business results. You’ll hear from leaders who can prove you don’t have to choose between great culture and great business. We’ll also dive into the importance of supporting mental health, offering hybrid work, and building high-trust cultures, as well as including and empowering diverse groups within your workforce.

Speakers Include:
Tony Bond, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity and Innovation Officer, Great Place to Work
Véronique Molinari, Head of Business HR, Europe, AbbVie
Mike Parra
, Incoming CEO, DHL Europe
Simon Vincent, EVP and President, Hilton EMEA
Moderator: Peter Vanham, Executive Editor, FORTUNE

November 14, 2023
Leadership decisions made in the next few years are mission critical, setting the tone for the decade to follow. And it’s clear that the next generation of leaders will embrace a diversity of thought from all employees as a competitive advantage. In partnership with UKG, Fortune will host a virtual discussion on how financial performance can improve through unlocking the talent of their organizations’ brilliant people. Hear from leaders across industries who are making tomorrow’s decisions today.
Speakers Include:
Brian Doubles, President and CEO, Synchrony
Ben Erwin, President and CEO, Encore
Alveda Williams, Chief Inclusion Officer, Dow
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, Editor-at-Large, Fortune

October 25, 2023
Presented in partnership with Workday
McKinsey research shows that many business unit leaders view the CFO and the finance team as obstacles, not allies, to the innovation process. And yet now more than ever, companies need CFOs engaged in innovation, whether that's investing in labor and cost-saving automation projects, or new digital products and services. In this Emerging CFO conversation we will explore strategies to shift the Finance-IT relationship from its traditional support model to a partnership focused on co-innovation, from breaking down data silos to improving cross-functional skills.
Confirmed speakers will include:
Eric Kutcher, CFO, McKinsey & Company
Zane Rowe, CFO, Workday
Sindy Wilson, CFO, Kickstarter

October 16, 2023
Presented in partnership with UKG

The pandemic has created the need for a new model of leadership. The demand for innovation, agility, and strong performance -- all while driving more sustainable business practices -- requires a new way to lead people. It’s what some are calling “For All Leadership.” In this virtual session in partnership with UKG, leading CHROs share how best to use analytics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to help leaders at all levels build and develop innovative teams. We’ll also examine how today’s teams are fueled by embracing a diversity of thought from their employees.

Confirmed speakers will include:
Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture
Pat Wadors
, Chief People Officer, UKG
Moderator: Alan Murray, Chief Executive Officer, FORTUNE

June 21, 2023
Presented in partnership with Workday

Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, CFOs are seeking growth opportunities within their organizations. In this virtual Emerging CFO conversation in partnership with Workday, we will explore how finance chiefs can drive growth. We’ll hear from finance experts how success can be significantly influenced by how we perceive our talents and abilities – our growth mindset – and how this applies to the role of the CFO. We’ll also gather finance leaders across industries to discuss best practices and how they rally and motivate their teams around growth.
Speakers will include:
Dan Durn, CFO, Adobe
Mandy Fields, CFO, e.l.f. Beauty
Xihao Hu, CFO, TDBank
Ishaan Seth, Senior Partner, New York, McKinsey & Company
Moderators: Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-At-Large, FORTUNE and Sheryl Estrada, Senior Writer, Fortune CFO Daily

May 8, 2023
In celebration of the annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, join Fortune CEO Alan Murray, Great Place to Work® CEO Michael C. Bush, Synchrony President and CEO Brian Doubles, Progressive Insurance President and CEO Tricia Griffith, World Wide Technology Co-founder and CEO Jim Kavanaugh and other organizations that have earned a place in the rankings. We’ll explore how to build a company culture in a weak economic environment that both puts people first and achieves strong business results. You’ll hear from CEOs who can prove you don’t have to choose between great culture and great business. We’ll also dive into the importance of mental health support, hybrid work, building high-trust cultures as well as including and empowering diverse groups within your workforce.

April 12, 2023
In partnership with Workday
CFOs plan to embed more digital technologies across operations, to augment human capabilities and address the labor shortage.  When it comes to the finance function, AI can help replace repetitive and labor-intensive tasks as well as improve accuracy in areas like budgeting and forecasting.  In this Emerging CFO conversation in partnership with Workday, we will gather top CFOs to explore how AI and machine learning can be used to support talent gaps,  and the best practices CFOs can adopt to ensure that investments in advanced technologies deliver the right ROI.
Tom Davenport, Author, All-in on A.I.; President’s Distinguished Professor, Babson College; Fellow, MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy; Visiting Professor, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford 
Vanessa Kanu,
Chief Financial Officer, TELUS International 
Katie Rooney
, Chief Financial Officer, Alight
Moderators: Matt Heimer, Executive Editor, Features, Fortune
Sheryl Estrada, Senior Writer, Fortune CFO Daily

October 19, 2022
In partnership with Workday

The corporate lifecycle has been dramatically compressed by digital disruptors and subscription-based business models, with profound implications on how corporate finance can drive growth and deliver value. In response, smart CFOs are rethinking the KPIs they measure, shifting from only focusing on traditional ones such as cash flow, revenues and customer acquisition costs, to implementing KPIs that track the employee experience, the customer experience, and customer lifetime value. In this virtual Emerging CFO discussion in partnership with Workday, we’ll discuss strategies to measure how value gets created today, and the importance of agile systems that enable cross-functional collaboration and broader integration of your people and finance data.

Speakers include:
Harmit Singh, EVP and CFO, Levi Strauss & Co.
Alka Tandan, CFO, Gainsight, Inc.
Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School Initiative on the Digital Economy

Thursday October 6, 2022
Presented by Accenture

The A.I. and machine-learning systems that underwrite so much of digital transformation are designed to serve millions of customers yet are defined by a relatively small and homogenous group of architects. Irrefutable evidence exists that these systems are learning moral choices and prejudices from these same creators. As companies tackle the ethical problems that arise from the widespread collection, analysis, and use of massive troves of data, join us to discuss where the greatest dangers lie, and how leaders like you should think about them.
In this session we will explore how top executives can create a business framework where ethical innovation and data dignity come first, if A.I. should be governed, and what an artificial intelligence Bill of Rights might look like.
Speakers will include:
 Krishna Gade, Chief Executive Officer Fiddler AI
Naba Banerjee, Director of Trust Product Operations Airbnb, Inc.
Ray Eitel-Porter, Managing Director; Global Lead for Responsible A.I. Accenture
Raj Seshadri, President, Data and Services Mastercard

The Evolution of A.I. in Health: Where Humans Meet Machines
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Presented in partnership with Merative

Artificial intelligence—including techniques from machine learning to deep learning and natural language processing—continues to disrupt the health sector with the goal of delivering more precise, effective, and timely interventions for people.
Join this virtual Fortune Brainstorm Health discussion as we explore how A.I. is evolving and being used effectively in health industries today. How do we overcome the hurdle of making A.I. systems easy to work with and use them to solve real problems?
Dr. Tina Hernandez Boussard, Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics), of Biomedical Data Science, of Surgery and, by courtesy, of Epidemiology and Population Health, Stanford University
Dr. David Gruen,
Chief Medical Officer, Imaging, Merative
Carolyn Staats, Director of Innovation, Information Systems Department, Sonoma County
Dr. David Gruen, Chief Medical Officer, Imaging, Merative
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, Editor-at-Large, FORTUNE

Mon, Sep 5, 2022
In Partnership with BCG

"Conflicts in family businesses are inevitable." That's the opening line of a soon-to-be-published book authored by a group of senior partners at the Boston Consulting Group. The book, entitled Untangling Conflict: An Introspective Guide for Families in Business, shares BCG's insights into how family businesses can avoid disruptive conflict—or at least keep it to a minimum. 

At FORTUNE, we share this awareness of how important family businesses are to the business landscape, especially in Asia. We also recognize that managing a family firm is complex and difficult. Join this virtual conversation to discuss those challenges and consider potential solutions. Hear from those who own, manage, and operate these family-owned firms to learn how they handle these conflicts. 

Bridging the Pay Equity Gap

Thursday June 9, 2022
In Partnership with Credit Karma

As companies increasingly talk about their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, how can leadership and boards be persuaded to adopt role-based compensation structures and address areas of bias in the recruiting and promotions process? Our panelists will explore the pressing issues connected to pay equity, the rise of the flexible workplace, rising inflation and compensation, and how pay transparency helps or hurts the transition to equity. Join this timely discussion and explore how to bridge the opportunity gap to eliminate pay disparities and help employee retention.

Speakers Include:
Marissa Andrada, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer, Chipotle
Colleen McCreary, Chief People, Places and Publicity Officer, Credit Karma
Angela E. Guy, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, L’Oréal North America
Maria Aspan, Senior Writer, Fortune

April 25, 2022

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, join Fortune CEO Alan Murray, Great Place to Work® CEO Michael C. Bush, Target CEO Brian Cornell, Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, and Accenture CEO Julie Sweet as well as other leading CEOs whose organizations have earned a place in the rankings in recent years. We’ll discuss what it takes to make a company great, and how diversity, equity, inclusion and, critically, belonging, are absolutely essential for all modern companies seeking top talent and engaged employees. We’ll also discuss how remote and hybrid work is changing employee experience – focusing on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and the coming challenges.

Speakers Include:
Marissa Andrada, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer, Chipotle
Colleen McCreary, Chief People, Places and Publicity Officer, Credit Karma
Angela E. Guy, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, L’Oréal North America
Maria Aspan, Senior Writer, Fortune

November 16, 2021
Presented by IBM Watson Health

Before the pandemic struck, a major and growing concern for U.S. health systems was managing chronic diseases–like heart disease, asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s–which have major health and economic impacts. Such patients tend be at risk for more complicated and costly health events. According to the CDC, 90% of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care costs are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. These individuals, of course, are also more vulnerable to severe cases of COVID. In this session we will explore how the pandemic has affected people suffering from chronic diseases. How much will ‘Long COVID,’ deferred care, stress and other pandemic effects complicate or worsen these conditions? Join us for a discussion with healthcare leaders who will share how they are applying lessons learned during the pandemic to re-invent chronic care for a more resilient future.
Discussion leaders include:
Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director, American Public Health Association
Dr. Paul Friedman, Professor of Medicine and Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic
Dr. Gretchen Jackson, Vice President and Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health
Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Chief Medical Officer for Prevention, American Heart Association

Price Transparency in Healthcare: Can It Work for All?
Presented in partnership with IBM Watson Health
Thursday, October 7, 2021

Everyone seems to be clamoring for it, but is price transparency in healthcare really possible? Our discussion will focus on how to make these transparency regulations work for everyone, and we’ll dive deep into how healthcare organizations can meet these rules without sacrificing quality or competitive information.

Discussion leaders:

Bobbi Coluni, Leader, Payer Product Management, IBM Watson Health
Matt Eyles, President and CEO, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
Martin Gaynor, E.J. Barone University Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
Molly Smith, Group Vice President, Public Policy, American Hospital Association
Moderator: Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large, FORTUNE

FORTUNE MPW Discussions
Leadership in the Boardroom; Emerging Stronger: A Spotlight on Success; and Pushing for Change
October 5, 2021

Boards Track, hosted by Heidrick & Struggles
CEOs and chairs of Fortune 500 companies discuss what it takes to lead a successful board in 2021. What are board leaders across the world prioritizing as they develop strategic plans? How does the composition of boards and the key principles established by its leaders influence shareholders? We take a look at what has traditionally worked well, and what needs to change to stand out as a board leader today.
Mary Dillon, Executive Chair, Ulta Beauty
Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Jenni Hibbert, Global Managing Partner, Heidrick & Struggles
Dr. Dambisa Moyo, Global Economist, Author, and Board Member; Co-principal, Versaca Investments; Director, 3M, Chevron, Conde Nast
Moderator: Michal Lev-Ram, Senior Writer, FORTUNE; Co-chair, Fortune MPW Summit

Acceleration Track, hosted by Workday
Running a business during a pandemic is far from ideal, but some companies have come through this tough period stronger than ever. We spotlight the decisions made by bold leaders who pivoted during a time of uncertainty. What have they done to change course, transform their business model, or double down, and how have they executed on their strategies?
Hilary Coles, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Brand and Innovation, Hims & Hers
Emily McEvilly, Chief Customer Officer, Workday
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice President, Communications and Policy, DoorDash
Dr. LeMia Jenkins Thompson, Global Head of Communications, Pinterest
Moderator: Rachel Lobdell, Editorial Director, FORTUNE

Purpose Track, hosted by TPG
Leading with purpose means pushing change within your company and externally. Leaders discuss their sense of purpose and how it influences their approach to their mission, customers, employees, and beyond.
Peggy Alford, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Paypal
Paula Kerger, President and CEO, PBS
Kelly Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer, Benevity
Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer, TPG
Moderator: Sheryl Estrada, Writer, CFO Daily, FORTUNE

FORTUNE MPW Discussions
Purposeful Leadership, New Tools for the New Workplace, and Radical Collaboration

September 30, 2021 1:00 PM-3:25 PM ET

Leadership Track, hosted by Deloitte
Consumers today expect that brands will take a stand on social issues ranging from gun control to climate change to Black Lives Matter. But how do leaders decide when and how to use their corporate voice and influence? We talk with executives who are at the forefront of helping their companies define their purpose and values.
Dalana Brand, Vice President, People Experience and Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Twitter
Jacquelline Fuller, President,
Kelly McGinnis, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Levi Strauss
Kavitha Prabhakar, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Deloitte
Paula Santilli, Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, Latin America
Moderator: Beth Kowitt, Senior Editor, FORTUNE; Co-chair, Fortune MPW Summit

Innovation Track, hosted by Diligent
Every organization is now asking how, when, or even if it should call employees back to the office. One thing is certain: new virtual and hybrid working models will play a big role for many companies. So, how can technology change the way we work? How are market leaders envisioning the future of work—and what are the implications for talent, culture, and productivity?
Lisa Edwards, President and COO, Diligent Corporation
Erika Linford, Chief People Officer, Zoox
Lynne Oldham, Chief People Officer, Zoom
Mala Singh, Chief People Officer, Electronic Arts
Moderator: Lucinda Shen, Writer, FORTUNE

Impact Track, hosted by Johnson & Johnson
The pandemic has changed the way collaboration works — from how we work together to how organizations partner with each other and even the way the private and public sectors collaborate. We hear from leaders in the trenches who have helped to drive this new way of bringing products to life, and consider what we can learn, moving forward, from this new way of working.
Luani Alvarado, Worldwide Vice President, Human Resources, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever
Ann Powell, Global Head of Human Resources, Bristol Myers Squibb
Priya Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, Stanford Medicine
Moderator: Kristen Bellstrom, Executive Editor, FORTUNE; Co-chair, Fortune MPW Summit

In partnership with Huawei Technologies
Wednesday, July 21, 2021
5:00 PM Hong Kong

Globalization—the increasing interdependence of the world’s economies brought about by cross-border exchanges in goods and services, technology, capital, and ideas—is among the most powerful forces of modern history. Over the past three decades, those exchanges have helped lift more than a billion people out of poverty. And yet, in recent years, the idea of open borders has come under attack. In Western countries, many middle-class workers blame globalization for lost jobs and increased income inequality. The U.S., once an unreserved champion of the idea of unfettered markets and shared knowledge, has withdrawn from trade agreements, imposed tariffs, and restricted the export of key technologies especially to China, which it increasingly regards as an economic and strategic rival. China, while defending the idea of an open global economy, has stepped up calls for economic self-reliance. The COVID-19 pandemic has led even the most ardent advocates of the free market to question the reliability of global supply chains—and brought the cross-border exchange of businesspeople, students, and tourists to a standstill. Is globalization worth saving? And if so, what is to be done? 
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Craig J. Burchell, Senior Vice President Global Trade Affairs, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
  • Keyu Jin, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Pascal Lamy, President, Paris Peace Forum and Chair, Brunswick Europe
  • Kishore Mahbubani, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
  • Moderated by: Clay Chandler, Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE
In Partnership with Huawei Technologies
Friday, July 23, 2021

9:00AM London/4:00PM Hong Kong

Southeast Asia, after a late start, is fast emerging as one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative venture capital scenes. The region boasts a dozen unicorns, with many more startups poised to cross the U.S. $1 billion valuation threshold. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t diminished investor interest in Southeast Asian ventures: in 2020, the region’s start-ups raised $8.2 billion, an amount equivalent to pre-pandemic funding levels. For entrepreneurs, Southeast Asia poses unique challenges—not least the difficulty of achieving scale in a region with 11 different nations and a dizzying diversity of cultures, languages, religions, and income levels. But it also offers new possibilities. Southeast Asia, like no other marketplace, has attracted investors from nearly every corner of the globe with high-profile backers from the U.S., China, Japan, India, and South Korea. And because most of the region’s economies are still developing, there is relatively little legacy infrastructure to inhibit experimentation and innovative technologies.

  • Edwin Chow, Assistant CEO, Innovation & Enterprise, Enterprise Singapore
  • Leo Jiang, Chief Digital Officer – APAC, Huawei Cloud & AI
  • Ee Ling Lim, Head of APAC Business Development, Global Innovation, 500 Startups
  • Moses Lo, CEO & Co-Founder, Xendit
  • Moderated by: Clay Chandler, Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE
Presented by IBM Watson Health
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

With almost half of Americans vaccinated and the CDC loosening mask restrictions, the last step to reopening the economy completely might be verifying everyone’s vaccination status. What will the digital health passes of the future look like? The private sector and local governments are already developing multiple apps for uses including international travel, concerts, sporting events, work, school, and even restaurants and gyms. Join us as we explore the benefits and the challenges of implementing these tools. Our discussion will explore the issues of standardization and privacy that need to be considered.
Discussion leaders include:
Dakota Gruener, Executive Director, ID2020
Sharon Pinkerton, Senior Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Policy, Airlines for America
Eric Piscini, Global Vice President, Payer and Emerging Business Networks, IBM Watson Health
Clifton Leaf, Editor-in-Chief, FORTUNE

June 8, 2021

COVID-19 immunity passports are no longer just a theory— the first ones are here, more are coming, and they will likely be digital. The slowdown in global airline travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic created a $1.8 trillion hole in the world’s GDP. Now, as more of the world gets vaccinated, pressure is rising for governments and businesses to recoup some of those losses and vaccine passports provide the quickest and surest way to help restart travel. But even as important questions remain in ensuring that vaccine passports are safe, do not increase social inequalities, or expose personal information, the economic benefits of creating a vaccine passport system are quickly outpacing potential shortcomings. Europe is opening its doors this summer to vaccinated foreigners, China recently launched a COVID-19 digital health passport for its 1.4 billion citizens, and airlines in places like Hong Kong and Singapore are testing how to make a truly international digital passport system.
Join FORTUNE for a virtual conversation with industry experts to find out the latest on digital immunity passports.
Confirmed speakers include:
• Nick Careen, Senior Vice President, IATA, Airport Passenger Cargo and Security (APCS)
• Fabio Vacirca, Market Unit Group Lead, ASIAM, Accenture
• Jennifer Zhu Scott, Executive Chairman, The Commons Project
•Moderator: Grady McGregor, Staff Writer, FORTUNE

Software Gets Simpler: Understanding the Low Code/No Code Movement
June 3, 2021

Presented in partnership with

New tools are making it easier than ever for individuals and organizations to develop everything from A.I. models to working mobile apps without having to write a single line of code. With a market potential of more than $80 billion in the next ten years, how are companies using these game changing products? What do new users need to keep in mind? Can you do it yourself or do you need to call in experts? And how reliable are the predictions that come from tools that automate data science expertise?
Edward Abbo, President and Chief Technology Officer,
Chris Bedi, Chief Information Officer, ServiceNow
Anoushka Vaswani, Partner, Lightspeed
Moderator: Robert Hackett, Senior Writer, FORTUNE

Closing the Digital and Diversity Divide with an Upskilled Workforce
Presented in partnership with Guild Education
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This discussion addresses the measurable steps your organization can take to move frontline and entry-level workers into leadership roles; support crucial efforts to build diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at all levels; and ensure you retain and develop your top talent.
Speakers Include:
Marissa Andrada, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and People Officer, Chipotle
Donna Morris, EVP and Chief People Officer, Walmart
Rachel Carlson, Co-founder and CEO, Guild Education
Tracy Woodrow, Chief Human Resources Officer, M&T Bank Corporation

Who’s Sneaking into Your IT System? How the Pandemic is Leaving Businesses Vulnerable
Presented in partnership with HP Inc.
Thursday, May 20

A special conversation around the changing face of corporate IT security and how enterprises can protect against the rise in cyber-crime in an increasingly digital world.
Discussion leaders include:
Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer, HP Inc
Penelope Prett, Chief Information Officer, Accenture
Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, Executive Director, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute, The University of Texas at Dallas

Bridging the A.I. Skills Gap
Presented by Accenture
Thursday, May 6, 2021

While talent acquisition and retention challenges are common across all sectors, the dearth of skill in A.I. is glaring. How can your organization stay ahead of the curve on training, managing, and retaining A.I.-skilled employees?
This interactive discussion will help you ensure the right talent is in place in your company to guarantee a successful enterprise-wide A.I adoption.
Discussion leaders include:
Marco Casalaina, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Einstein, Salesforce
Arnab Chakraborty, Global Managing Director, Applied Intelligence North America Lead, Accenture A.I.
Daniel Jeavons, General Manager, Data Science, Shell
Alessandra Sala, Director of A.I. and Data Science, Shutterstock
Moderator: Fortune Senior Writer Aaron Pressman

Brainstorm Finance: A New Era of Innovation
Presented in partnership with IBM
Wednesday April 21

The rapid pace of digital transformation presents a challenging new universe for financial services and insurance companies. As we plan for this new era, we have to think differently about our businesses and the technology underpinning our operations. The conversation will cover what digital transformation means for your company, how companies are leveraging innovative new technologies while ensuring their information remains secure, where companies are deploying capital and resources, and where to invest for the future.
Discussion leaders include:
Dan Schulman, President and CEO of PayPal
Amrita Ahuja, Chief Financial Officer, Square
Roger Premo, General Manager, Corporate Strategy, IBM
Ather Williams, Head of Strategy, Digital Platforms, and Innovation and SEVP, Wells Fargo & Company

The Future of Cancer Care: Targeting Tumors—and the Patient Experience
Presented in partnership with Invitae
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The genomics revolution for cancer care is here. Find out how applying cutting-edge medical tools and facilitating cross-industry collaboration will accelerate the rate of progress and survival.
Our discussion will cover the following topics:
• How genomics has revolutionized the way we treat the disease by understanding and targeting each patient’s unique malignancy
• How to harness the right information—molecular, genetic, and imaging—to improve both care and access to care for cancer patients everywhere
• How to apply the tools of modern medicine broadly to move these approaches from the gold standard to the routine practice of cancer care
Discussion leaders include:
Sean George, Co-founder and CEO, Invitae
Kathy Giusti, Founder, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Nick Naclerio| Founding Partner, Illumina Ventures
Dr. Jewel Samadder, Senior Associate Consultant, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic

The Power of Green: Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Future
In Partnership with Huawei
Date: Thursday, April 8, 2021

New digital technologies in the telecommunications industry offer radical new possibilities for transforming the way we consume, store and distribute energy. The proliferation of new digital devices, interconnected high-speed networks, data storage centers, and electric vehicles are sure to create new demand for power. But artificial intelligence, improved data analytics, energy grids, new methods for delivering and managing energy storage and delivery could make energy systems around the world cleaner, more efficient and lead to significant productivity gains in the energy sector itself.  
Confirmed speakers:
Dr. René Arnold, Vice President Public Affairs Strategy, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Annika Hedberg, Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme, European Policy Centre (EPC)  
Professor Robert Lee, Professor of Law, University of Birmingham  
Jürgen Tzschoppe, Executive Vice President International Power, Statkraft
Moderator: Clay Chandler, Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE

We May Soon Be Able to Return to “Everyday” Health Care—But Should We?
Presented by IBM Watson Health
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally disrupted our health care system, it also opened our eyes to better ways to manage everyday health. In this discussion, we’ll explore the ways in which we have rethought how health care works, from wellness visits and checkups to elective surgeries and chronic disease. We’ll also explore changes in the ways patients use technology to monitor and take control of their health and use and share their health care data to make better decisions. But even as telemedicine continues to displace many in-person visits to the doctors’ office—saving time for patients and presumably lowering costs—there are unanswered questions about the critical knowledge that may be missed. How can we make high-tech more high-touch? A deep dive into what a “return to normal” should mean for you and your doctor.
Discussion leaders include:
Dr. Wayne Frederick, President and Charles R. Drew Professor of Surgery, Howard University
Dr. Gretchen Jackson, Vice President and Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health
Dr. Lewis Levy, Chief Medical Officer, Teladoc Health 
Dr. Leana Wen, Emergency Physician and Visiting Professor, Health Policy and Management, George Washington University School of Public Health

Treating Chronic Disease with… Data?
Presented in partnership with Komodo Health
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

In the shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak, another pandemic rages: the unchecked and global burden of chronic disease. However, we already have a tool to keep progressive diseases in check: big data. We invite you to join this special session and explore the critical role of data in tracking chronic disease treatment—and where we’re dangerously falling short.
Speakers will include:
Othman Laraki, Co-founder and CEO, Color Color 
Dr. Arif Nathoo, Co-founder and CEO, Komodo Health  
Dr. Mona Siddiqui, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Clinical Strategy and Quality, Humana
Glen Tullman, Founder and Former Executive Chairman and CEO, Livongo Health

In partnership with Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence
Wednesday, March 10

Business leaders have the opportunity to help solve an array of critical social issues, including the need to dramatically reduce gun violence. This interactive conversation will examine how the business community can partner with key stakeholders to help keep customers, employees, and communities safe, with a focus on specific strategies and tactics that can lead to common sense solutions.
Panelists include:
Kenneth Cole, Founder and CEO, Kenneth Cole
Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health
Valerie Jarrett, President, Barack Obama Foundation
With remarks by Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

The Doctor is Online: Digital Health in the Post-COVID Era
Thursday, March 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has turbo-charged the digital transformation of the global health care industry. Hospitals and health care professionals are teaming with some of the world’s largest technology companies to deliver virus-related services. A bewildering array of new ventures have raised billions of dollars from investors to launch telemedicine platforms to serve the billions of people clamoring for health care services but newly wary of visiting hospitals or clinics. Governments, meanwhile, are easing regulations to make it easier for providers to operate online. More and more doctors are using online portals to communicate with patients, diagnose their ailments, and deliver prescription drugs. A confluence of new technologies including A.I., the cloud, advanced robotics, and high-speed mobile networks have made it possible for providers to not only diagnose and treat patients but also process payments and store medical records. Join Fortune for a virtual conversation about the implications of this momentous shift with a panel of leading health care experts.
Confirmed speakers include:
Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.
Geoff Kau, Co-President, Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd
Moderator: Clay Chandler, Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE

Measure Up: The Transformative Power of Data and Transparency on DEI
Presented in partnership with Refinitiv
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Key to bringing meaningful change on diversity, equity, and inclusion in business is having a way to measure it. This conversation will delve into effective ways of collecting and analyzing DEI data; examine what can be gleaned from the data; and look at the importance of DEI metrics in driving opportunity and building value.
Our interactive panel will be hosted by Fortune Digital Editor, Rachel Schallom, in conversation with:
Corey Anthony, Chief Diversity and Development Officer, AT&T
Elena Philipova, Global Head, ESG Proposition, Refinitiv
Randall Tucker, Chief Inclusion Officer and SVP, Mastercard

Equity by Design
Presented in partnership with Salesforce and IBM
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hear from USC’s Dr. Allissa Richardson, author of Bearing Witness While Black, about the way that social media has unlocked a new chapter of activism—and the unintended design consequences exposing systemic injustice and racism.  IN addition, An expert panel, including IBM Distinguished Designer Sarah Brooks, Thomas Jefferson University Professor of Emergency Medicine Dr. Bon Ku, and Biotechnology Innovation Organization CEO Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath will dive into design’s role in targeting the public health messaging, combating skepticism, and encouraging behavior change to ensure equitable and timely distribution of the vaccine.  
In interactive working groups, led by Fortune editors, you will also discover how to apply design thinking that sparks impact within your organization and creates an environment in which employees and customers feel supported and valued. 

Shots in the Arm: What We Got Wrong. What We Got Right. Global Lessons from the Vaccine Effort.
In partnership with IBM Watson Health
Tuesday, February 23, 2021  

It has been more than two months since regulators in the U.S. and the U.K. approved the first COVID vaccines. Now that we’ve had some experience with the earliest cohorts, and are faced with the challenges of scaling distribution, what have we learned? This conversation will address the early lessons learned, and why these insights are so critical for getting distribution right around the globe in 2021. Experts include:
Dr. William J. Kassler, Chief Medical Officer, Government Health & Human Services and Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health
Allison Neale, Executive Director, Public Policy, Henry Schein
Dr. Marc Watkins, Chief Medical Officer, Kroger Health

Brainstorm Tech Conversation – 2021: A New Outlook for Tech
Presented by 3Pillar Global and KPMG
Thursday, February 11, 2021

Agenda includes:
Change Comes From Within: A New Era for Product Development
It’s now clear that engineers, product heads, and designers at leading corporations must collaborate more closely than ever before to meet customer expectations. It's not just UX, either. In the wake of a global crisis, persistent concerns exist about privacy and trust and sustainable supply chains, and new considerations to be made around the notion of community and inclusivity. Is your organization ready to vie for customers in this dramatically different landscape?
The Tech You Need (and Don't) in 2021
New year, new you—at least for your company. Right? As the world begins to rebound from a prolonged pandemic, corporations awash in cutting-edge technologies are scrambling to figure out what’s worth their long-term investment. From A.I. to 5G to distributed computing of all kinds, which tech will help your business boom, and which is mere hype? Industry leaders open their playbooks, sharing insights and experience.
Discussion leaders include:
Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Senior Partner and Global Head, Management Consulting, KPMG
Jesse Levinson, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Zoox
Mike Maresca, Global CTO, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Iain Roberts, Partner and COO, IDEO
John Roese, Global CTO, Dell Technologies
David Sawatzky, Chief Delivery Officer, 3Pillar Global
Stephen Ward, Chief Information Security Officer, The Home Depot

CIO Roundtable: COVID & the Cloud – Accelerating the Conversion and Finding Value
In Partnership with Salesforce and MuleSoft
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The pandemic has brought a new urgency to digital transformation and driven many companies to implement projects in just weeks or months. Chief among these is the conversion to cloud-based systems, which allow employees to work from home while reducing costs for IT infrastructure. Adam Lashinsky, Contributing Editor of FORTUNE will moderate the conversation and be joined by discussion leader Penelope Prett, CIO, Accenture.

In Partnership with Accenture
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The societal reckoning over systemic racism continues to underscore the importance businesses must place on responsible A.I. All leaders are wrestling with thorny questions around liability and bias, exploring best practices for their company, and learning how to set effective industry guidelines on how to use the technology.
Discussion Leaders Include: Rana el Kaliouby, CEO, Affectiva; Hon. Katherine Forrest, Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore; Danny Guillory, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dropbox; Ritika Gunnar, VP, Data and A.I. Expert Services and Learning, IBM; Shail Jain, Global Lead, Data and A.I., Accenture. Moderated by Jeremy Kahn, Senior Writer, FORTUNE

When the Patient Comes First on the Global Health Stage
In Partnership with Roche
Thursday, January 21, 2021

The global pandemic has exposed deficiencies in health systems everywhere and has highlighted the importance of advancing with more patient-centric solutions. What’s more, the transformative spirit and speed of change—from therapeutics to the recent vaccine development and deployment—have demonstrated that health systems can be more efficient in meeting demands today and tomorrow. This conversation will explore how collaborations among different stakeholders—pharma, patient advocacy groups, the tech industry, and others—can help shape people-centered health systems that improve the patient experience and the quality of life of populations in the short and long term.
Discussion leaders include:
Aessandra Durstine, Principal, Catalyst Consulting
Anne Nijs, Transformation Leader for Rare Conditions, Roche
Dr. Raj Panjabi, Chief Executive Officer, Last Mile Health

Fortune Roundtable: How Do You Show Up?
In Partnership with Future Forum by Slack
Thursday, January 21, 2021

How do leaders foster a culture of openness and authenticity? How might leaders better measure their success at creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces? The group will focus on the direct connection between a company’s success and its ability to acquire and retain diverse, top talent. We will be joined by: Crystal Ashby, Interim President and CEO, The Executive Leadership Council; Billy Dexter, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles; Ashley Goldsmith, Chief People Officer, Workday, Inc.; Lynne Oldham, Chief People Officer, Zoom Video Communications.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conversation: Accelerating into Our Low-carbon Future
Presented by Citi and Deloitte
Monday, January 11, 2021
12:00–1:00 PM ET

This conversation will address the latest thinking in green technology and global sustainability trends. We will discuss how the intersection of technology, innovation, and private-public collaboration will create sustainable, inclusive, interconnected economies. 
Discussion leaders will include:
Amos Hochstein, National Security and Energy expert, Former Obama and Biden Special Envoy for International Energy
Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Chief Innovation Officer, Member of the Executive Committee, Schneider Electric
Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Resilience by Design: Driving Business Transformation
In Partnership with Salesforce and IBM
Tuesday, December 8, 2020
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM ET

As companies reconfigure around fast-moving digital technologies and reinvent how employees work, society at large is rethinking systems, products, and organizations. The power of design has never been more evident—or more crucial. Fortune is convening thought leaders to explore how to make products and services inclusive, sustainable, ethical, and inspiring. PepsiCo's Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini and Global Chief Commercial Officer Ram Krishnan will discuss their design journey and how design drives business value. Co-founder, Executive Director, and Design Director Deanna Van Buren of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces also joins us for a conversation about design's role in peacemaking and community, and how the architecture and real estate sectors can help end mass incarceration

On the Road Again: Traveling in a Post-Pandemic Era
Wednesday December 3
9:00 PM Beijing Time

ravel has been made all but impossible amid the global pandemic. But now parts of Asia are emerging from lockdowns into relatively virus-free zones, prompting industry leaders to consider how to open up borders between areas that have managed to gain relative control of COVID-19. Moving people across borders safely and responsibly will be necessary to jumpstart economic recoveries and save struggling industries, but questions will need to be answered to help even an insulated Asia return to a state of normalcy. 
Confirmed speakers include:
Steve Saxon  | Partner, McKinsey & Company
Craig S. Smith
| Group President, International, Marriott International, Inc. 
Jane Sun  | Chief Executive Officer, Group Limited​ 
Keith Tan  | Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board​
Moderated by: Clay Chandler | Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE
They will share thoughts and answer questions about:
Where will travel bubbles emerge? 
What type of safety precautions should we take and how do we adapt to a “new normal”? 
Was this a necessary shock to an unsustainable travel industry?

FAST FORWARD: How the Pandemic is Shifting Digital Transformation into High Gear
In Partnership with Huawei
Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Time: 9AM (GMT) London / 10AM (CET) Berlin / 5PM (CST) Beijing

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically reshaped the global economy, forcing companies in virtually every sector to embrace technology and abandon traditional operating methods. Join us for a conversation with leading industry experts who’ll share their insights on how the world’s best businesses from sectors including health care, transportation, and education are implementing digital transformation strategies to assure their success in the post-pandemic era. 

Featuring: François Candelon, Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG and Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute; Paul Scanlan, CTO, Carrier Business Group, Huawei Technologies; Peter Weckesser, Chief Digital Officer, Schneider Electric; Michael Frank, Manager, Public Policy, The Economist Intelligence Unit
Moderated by: Clay Chandler, Executive Editor, Asia, FORTUNE

THE CASHLESS ECONOMY: Rebuilding Business with Digital Finance
In partnership with Mastercard
November 18

Psychology tells us that it takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic. Now, eight months into the pandemic, new routines­—from how we bank, to how we purchase, to how we manage money—have fully taken hold. Please join us for a conversation exploring what these new habits mean. This wide-ranging discussion will explore how financial technology can be a lifeline for consumers and small businesses and a bridge to a more digital and inclusive world. Featuring: Stephanie Cohen, Chief Strategy Officer, Goldman Sachs; Anthony Noto, Chief Executive Officer, SoFi; Craig Vosburg, President, North America, Mastercard and Jen Wieczner, Senior Writer, FORTUNE.

Rise of the Chief Health Officer: Returning Safely to Work and Travel

In partnership with IBM Watson Health
Date: Thursday, November 12

As more companies reopen physical offices, the questions of how to do business safely while understanding the risks and anxieties their workers face are increasing. Join leading health experts to explore these questions and more: Panelists include Dr. Richard Jenkins, Vice President, Emirates Group Medical Services: Dr. Richard Kim, Chief Medical Officer, American Express; Dr. Tina Moen, Senior Deputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer, IBM Watson Health; Dr. Jay Wohlgemuth, Senior Vice President, R&D, Medical and Chief Medical Officer, Quest Diagnostics and our moderator, Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington.

CIO Roundtable: How CIOs Are Navigating the Digital Imperative
In partnership with Salesforce
Wednesday October 21

Acosta CIO Sharon Hart and Dropbox CIO Sylvie Veilleux will join this roundtable as discussion leaders. The conversation will cover the opportunities and challenges CIOs are facing during this critical, transformational time for business.

The Return to Campus & COVID-19: Why a Chief Health Officer is Critical
Presented in Partnership with IBM Watson Health
Thursday, October 15

As college students returned to campuses across the country in August and September, so too did the coronavirus—leading to quarantines and, in some cases, a return to remote learning. While chief health officer (CHO) is not a role that has traditionally existed within universities, the COVID-19 pandemic is leading many to argue that it should be. This discussion will explore these higher-learning challenges with health leaders from colleges and universities as well as public health experts. Speakers will include Dr. William Kassler, Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM; Dr. Sandro Galea, Dean, School of Public Health, Boston University; and Dr. Preeti Malani, Chief Health Officer, University of Michigan.

How the Pandemic is Revealing the Power of A.I.
In partnership with Accenture
Wednesday,September 23, 2020

As companies and governments race to adjust to a world transformed by COVID-19, human-A.I. collaboration is playing an increasingly critical role. How can A.I. help accelerate business recovery and community re-openings? How can A.I. adoption during the crisis help organizations and society create dynamic, lasting models that lead to long-term success? Featuring: Tatsiana Maskelevich, Director of Data Science, StitchFix; Dr. Joelle Pinau, Co-managing Director, Facebook A.I. Research; Associate Professor, Computer Science, McGill University; Sanjeev Vohra, Global Lead, Accenture Applied Intelligence; and moderated by Brian O'Keefe, Editorial Director, FORTUNE Brainstorm A.I.; Deputy Editor, FORTUNE.

The Rise of the CHO: Why Employee and Customer Health is Central to Public Health
In partnership with IBM Watson Health
Thursday, 9/17

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, businesses continue to struggle with how and when to reopen safely. Chief among these concerns: ensuring their employees and customers stay healthy. Enter the Chief Health Officer. These leaders are becoming an indispensable source of science and trust, infusing public health expertise into the C-suite and helping businesses make critical decisions about workplace and customer safety, reopening, employee resilience, and mental well-being. In this discussion with leading CHOs and public health advocates, we’ll dive into how companies can sustain and drive their business by ensuring the best health for their workers, customers, and communities.
Clifton Leaf, Editor of FORTUNE will moderate this discussion with Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President and Chief Health Officer, IBM; Dr. Marleece Barber, Chief Medical Officer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics; Dr. Troy Brennan, EVP and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health; Dr. Pamela Hymel, Chief Medical Officer, Disney; and John Quelch, Dean, University of Miami. 

Business Resiliency: Emerging from Crisis
In partnership with Intel
September 16, 2020

The current pandemic has forced every company to become more resilient and hastened the digital acceleration of business—affecting everything from how your employees work to how customers communicate and consume products. Hear from and interact with experts including: Annie Chang, Vice President, Creative Technologies, Universal Pictures; Dan Maslowski, Global Head of Distributed Engineered Systems and Storage, Citi; Rachel Mushahwar, Vice President, Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group; General Manager, Enterprise, Government and Next-Wave Cloud Sales, Intel; and Ali Rayl, Vice President, Customer Experience, Slack.

Climate, Health & Equity: An Urgent Call to Action
Hosted by Biogen
Wednesday, September 16

As economies and communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're reminded daily of the danger of going back to business as usual, and how essential it is to rebuild a more sustainable and equitable world.
Whether it’s COVID-19, the stunning, unprecedented wildfires across California and the Pacific Northwest, or more insidious public health threats like urban air pollution, the resulting damage limits economic potential and exacerbates existing inequities. As we reset—now is the opportunity to seize the moment, rise to the challenge, and prioritize the health of our planet and our communities, with a new mindset and a collective vision for a better future.
Alan Murray, Chief Executive Officer, FORTUNE, will moderate this discussion with Michel Vounatsos, CEO, Biogen; Jane Burston, Executive Director, Clean Air Fund; and Surili Patel, Director, Center for Climate, Health and Equity, American Public Health Association. 

Above the fold: Meet Microsoft’s new Surface Duo
Thursday, September 10

Fortune Senior Writer and Brainstorm Tech co-chair Aaron Pressman presented the new Microsoft Surface Duo, the company’s first new phone in over four years. He showed what's great and not so great about the device’s unusual two-screen folding design and customized Android software; he also took questions about the device.

FORTUNE Purpose: Reengaging your Workforce
In partnership with McKinsey & Company
September 9

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla joined us to kick off this conversation. Albert, of course, leads Pfizer in its purpose: breakthroughs that change patients' lives, with a focus on driving the scientific and commercial innovation needed to have a transformational impact on human health. With the race for COVID-19 vaccine furiously apace, the timing to hear from him could not be better.

Fortune MPW CHRO Professional Council: Redefining the Workplace
In partnership with HP
August 26

We are living through multiple crises, and all will have profound and lasting impacts on how, where, and why we work. Together, we will explore how companies are harnessing the current challenges, building a path toward a better and stronger future. Fortune Features Editor and MPW Summit Co-chair Kristen Bellstrom moderated the conversation, featuring Tracy Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer, HP; Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture; Mala Singh, Chief People Officer, Electronic Arts; and Grace Zuncic, Chief People and Culture Officer, Chobani. Click here for a full summary of our conversation.

The Hospital’s Role in Community Health and Equity
Presented in partnership with IBM Watson Health
August 13

The hospital plays a pivotal role in improving the health of a community.
To deliver high-quality, patient-centered care central to their missions, hospitals must improve the way they measure their progress toward better community health and more equitable care. Their relationships with stakeholders in public health and primary care will be critical for success in their efforts to improve health equity. Speakers included Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President and Chief Health Officer, IBM; Dr. Josh Sharfstein, Vice Dean for Public Health, Johns Hopkins; Barbie Robinson, Department of Health Services Director, Sonoma County; Dr. Rachel Thornton, Associate Director for Policy, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity; and Dr. John Westfall, Director, Robert Graham Center. Click here for a full summary of our conversation.

Confronting the Four COVID Curves
Presented in partnership with IBM Watson Health
July 30

We’ve all heard the clarion call: “Flatten the curve!” But to fully address the historic crisis of COVID-19, we must do more than contain the number of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. We must also address three other related challenges: the rise of untreated chronic disease, the growing “pandemic” of mental illness, and the clear inequities inherent in our health care system. To flatten these four rising curves, we’ll have to think beyond the four walls of the hospital and reimagine the delivery of health care—and health preservation—in the U.S. to its very core. Confirmed participants included Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President and Chief Health Officer, IBM; Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, Executive Director, American Public Health Association; and Adrienne Kennedy, Board of Directors, NAMI Central Texas. Click here for a full summary.

MPW Paying It Forward: U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Isra Hirsi
July 28

This interactive session brought together multiple generations of women—Fortune Most Powerful Women community members and their guests—to share insights about paths to leadership, best advice, and intel on what Gen Z is really thinking! We were joined by  U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her teenage daughter Isra Hirsi. Click here to read a coverage on

Brainstorm Tech Community Conversation: Startups & Inclusion; eSports & Gaming
July 14

Some of the world's greatest companies were forged in the fires of a recession. If history repeats, these challenging times will again produce greatness. We discussed the current economic environment for tech startups and what it means when equity and inclusion lead the priority list, joined by Andrew Wilson, CEO, Electronic Arts; Jewel Burks Solomon, Head of Google for Startups, U.S. Click here to view coverage on

Build Back Better: Leading With Purpose
Presented by Mckinsey & Company
June 30

How can companies embed purpose and ESG strategies into their organizations moving forward, with particular emphasis on the social dimensions of ESG, from closing inequality gaps to investing in employee health and financial wellness? For this discussion, we were joined by Bruce Simpson, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Liz Hilton Segal, Managing Partner, North America, McKinsey & Company; Dan Schulman, CEO, Paypal; and Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy

Brainstorm Health Conversation: Reinventing the Hospital 
Presented by IBM Watson Health
June 30 

We discussed the ranking of the top hospitals nationwide, as determined by Fortune and IBM Watson Health. We shared thoughts on how work in health equity will help build more resilient health care systems, what makes a strong and efficient health care organization, and how hospitals should be reimagined so that they're prepared for the challenges to come. We were joined by Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association; David Entwistle, President and CEO, Stanford Health Care; Alonzo Lewis, President, St. Joseph Mercy; Dr. Aletha Maybank, Chief Health Equity Officer and GVP, American Medical Association; and Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President and Chief Health Officer, IBM. Click here to read coverage on and click here to read a full wrap-up.

FORTUNE presents The Future of Work        
Presented by DOMO
June 25

As people around the world plan their return to work, companies and institutions must stay focused on reactivating their workforces safely and productively. Gathering, visualizing, and using data to make informed decisions will be the difference between companies that define the new normal and those that fall behind. We were joined by Josh James, CEO, DOMO; Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman, Constellation Research; Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management, Wharton School of Business and Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture. Click here to read coverage on and click here to read a full wrap-up.

FORTUNE BOLD: Equity and Opportunity   
Presented by McKinsey & Company
June 25 

It’s never been clearer that diversity and inclusion are no longer optional for companies. But what steps can companies take now to create more opportunity and fairness for the black Americans, women, and other underrepresented groups within their own ranks? This invitation-only, solutions-oriented discussion tackled how companies can make real progress on diversity and inclusion with Lareina Yee, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, McKinsey & Company and John Rogers, Chairman, Ariel Investments

Brainstorm Tech Community Conversation:
Innovation in Crisis
June 24

This year, every business leader has confronted new realities: a vastly different operating environment, an unclear economic outlook, and shifting societal concerns that have erupted into major unrest. We discussed the leadership challenges, pivots, and opportunities for helping companies deal with the uncertainty that is in front of us all with Jen Tejeda, CEO, PagerDuty and Jim McKelvey, Co-founder, Square. Click here to read coverage on

CEO Initiative Leadership Call
Presented by Deloitte
June 22  

CEOI members gathered for our CEO Initiative Midyear Review, an open conversation about how they will navigate the rest of 2020 and plan for 2021.

Brainstorm Health Conversation: Reimagining Employee Wellbeing
Presented by Salesforce
June 18

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the deep exposure of societal inequalities in America have left many workers feeling helpless and disconnected from their friends, families, and colleagues. This is a moment for employers to step up and lead by accelerating existing strategies and imagining new approaches that prioritize employee comprehensive health and wellbeing. We were joined by Arianna Huffington, Brainstorm Health Co-Chair and CEO of Thrive Global; Donna Morris, EVP and Chief People Officer, Walmart; Jody Kohner, SVP of Employee Engagement, Salesforce; and Rhonda Morris, VP and CHRO, Chevron. Click here to read coverage on and click here for a full wrap-up.

MPW Conversation with Ginni Rometty
June 18

IBM executive Chairman Ginni Rometty  joined us for a wide ranging talk delving into IBM’s response to the pandemic and the racial injustices which have been brought to the forefront in recent weeks, and how to better prepare the workforce of the future in light of these crises. Click here to read coverage on

Brainstorm Finance Conversation: Banking While Black
June 17

We explored the legacy of discrimination in finance, and examine with renewed urgency what financial companies—banks, fintechs, and startups—are doing now to increase access and inclusion of underbanked and underserved communities. We were joined by Kevin Cohee, Chairman and CEO, OneUnited Bank; Everett Sands, Chief Executive Officer, Lendistry; Jennifer Tescher, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Health Network and Ryan Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Cadre.

MPW Conversation: Leading Through Crisis with Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo
Presented by Salesforce
June 11

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo turned around her political fortunes, becoming one of the nation’s most popular governors because of her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. She joined us to discuss  the hard calls she had to make as she seeks to protect small businesses while maintaining public health. Click here to read coverage on

Brainstorm Health Conversation: The COVID-19 Ripple Effect on the U.S. Healthcare System  
Presented by Komodo Health
June 10     

A discussion on how the pandemic is impacting the entire U.S. health system–preventative and chronic condition care, telehealth, everyday doctor visits and elective procedures–and how data is informing and impacting the decisions medical personnel make about patient care. We were joined by Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO & Co-Founder, Komodo Health; Dr. Steven Corwin, President & CEO, NewYork-Presbyterian; and Dr. Vivian Lee, President of Health Platforms, Verily Life Sciences . Click here to read coverage on, and click here for a full wrap-up of the session.

CEO Initiative Leadership Call: Asia Reopens – What the World is Learning
Presented by Salesforce
June 9

As cities and businesses continue to reopen across Asia, the Fortune CEO Initiative presented a unique opportunity to hear from four of the leading CEOs across the region to discuss how they’re managing their organizations and getting their teams back to work amid the COVID-19 crisis. We were joined by Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group; Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China; Anthony Tan, CEO and co-founder of Grab; and Hiroshi Mikitani, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Rakuten. Click here to read coverage on

MPW Conversation: Special Program on Allyship & Racism
June 3

It is incumbent upon the business community to play a role and show support during this time. Sadly, while this racial crisis isn't new, this is the moment we can all act as leaders to come together and push for change. We were joined by Dr. Erin Thomas, Vice President, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Upwork; Kelly Grier, U.S. Chair and Americas Managing Partner, EY; Mia Birdsong, Activist, Facilitator, Writer, Author; Fran Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Cisco; Arisha Michelle Hatch, Managing Director of Campaigns at Color Of Change; Crystal Ashby, CEO, The Executive Leadership Council; and Insha Rahman, Director of Strategy & New Initiatives, Vera Institute of Justice. Click here to read coverage on

Build Back Better: Leading With Purpose
Presented by McKinsey & Company
June 2

This CEO-only conversation explored the rapidly evolving definition of the purpose-centric company, featuring Emmanuel Faber, CEO, Danone; Bruce Simpson, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; and Liz Hilton Segal, Managing Partner, North America, McKinsey & Company. Click here for a full recap of the conversation.

Brainstorm Finance Conversation: How the Pandemic is Changing Money
May 28

Amid the pandemic, consumers and companies are relying on fintech apps and payments technology that didn’t even exist in the last recession. We were joined by Robinhood COO Gretchen Howard, Square Financial Capital Lead Jackie Reses, and Payments at Google Business Operations Officer Julia Sunderland to explore how they’re coping with this paradigm shift in digital finance.           

FORTUNE BOLD - Innovation Solutions: How leaders can execute diversity & inclusion strategies during a crisis 
Presented by Mckinsey & Company
May 28

This invitation-only conversation among peers focused on steps business leaders and diversity practitioners can take to help their companies realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion during the COVID crisis. We were joined by Bob Swan, CEO, Intel and Dame Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner of U.K. and Ireland, McKinsey & Company. Click here for a full wrap-up of the conversation.

MPW Conversation With Beth Ford
May 19

Land O’ Lakes is a $14 billion farmer-owned cooperative that touches about half of the harvested acres in the U.S. The conversation with CEO Beth Ford focused on leading through crisis, and the impact of COVID-19 on rural America, jobs, and the food system. Click here for coverage on

CEO Initiative: Conversation with Jim Hackett
May 12

We heard from Ford CEO Jim Hackett about how the legendary automaker is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, followed by a focused discussion with Jim and IDEO COO Iain Roberts, who shared an inside look at how Ford has spent the past 3–4 years realigning its business. This realignment, and the emphasis on design thinking throughout the organization, is what allowed Ford to pivot from manufacturing automobiles and trucks to producing 2.4 million face shields in just over two weeks, in support of the immediate needs of the COVID-19 crisis.

FORTUNE BOLD - Keeping Inclusion Core: Why Diversity Strategies are Essential During Crisis
Presented by Mckinsey & Company
May 7

This discussion explored why diversity & inclusion remain a critical business strategy in the current age of pandemic and recession. We were joined by Margaret Keane, CEO, Synchrony; and Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company. Click here for a full wrap-up of the conversation,

CEO Initiative: Conversation with Marc Benioff
Presented by Salesforce
May 7

Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Salesforce and founding CEOI member, has been a leading voice on how we get back to work, and why this crisis presents us with a unique opportunity to accelerate the efforts in re-defining stakeholder capitalism. He joined us as we discussed the most pressing question on everyone's mind: Exactly how do we re-open the economy and what does that look like? Click here to read coverage on

MPW Conversation With Mayor London Breed
April 29

San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined us to share lessons she learned while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and shareed ideas about how we can all lead through the current crisis. Click here to read coverage on

Brainstorm Tech Community Conversation: Egon Durban
April 23

Egon Durban, the co-CEO of Silver Lake, joined us for an open discussion. Click here to read coverage on

CEO Initiative: COVID-19 Leadership Update with Scott Gottlieb and Dr. Seth Berkley
April 21

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Gavi CEO Dr. Seth Berkley joined CEOI members for an open form focusing on the following themes: Exploring ideas about how we safely and smartly get back to work; Highlighting innovative products and services developed during this crisis; and Managing stakeholder pressures.

MPW Conversation with Julie Gerberding
April 9

Julie Gerberding, Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer at Merck and former Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention joined us to discuss where we are in the COVID-19 crisis, where we’re headed, and how the MPW community can help. Click here to read coverage on

CEO Initiative: COVID-19 Leadership Update
March 31

Members joined for a guided discussion on shared ideas and leadership approaches through the Coronavirus crisis.     

For more information on FORTUNE Virtual Conversations, please email