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Building a More Resilient Future

Our healthcare system has lived through significant shocks, stresses, and breakthroughs in the last few years, and no segment has been spared—even healthtech investing has seen extreme highs and lows. How can the industry as a whole work towards greater resilience, increasing its capacity to continually adapt to a changing landscape? How can it do so while simultaneously continuing to break ground on new innovations? And what’s changing around how individuals think about their own resilience and longevity? Brainstorm Health brings together leading thinkers, operators, and innovators from across the most impactful corners of the healthcare ecosystem, including patient care, pharma, public health, and investment to tackle and answer these questions collectively. From better information sharing to managing employee burnout to making sure that new AI tools benefit patient outcomes globally, we discuss the biggest opportunities in challenges in today’s healthcare system, and how we can build a more resilient ecosystem going forward

Brainstorm Health is a prominent invitation-only conference that has built a powerful community of leaders at the crossroads of business, technology, and healthcare—executives who are the driving force of innovation in the world’s most important industry. Attendees include C-suite executives from hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical and device makers, as well as leaders in technology, telecommunications, food and beverage production, fitness, and other industries. Companies represented range from Fortune 500 companies to startups, as well as VCs, researchers, and thought leaders.

Join Fortune editors and powerful leaders at the crossroads of business, technology, and health care for crucial conversations and connections.

Fortune is committed to hosting a safe event and is following guidance issued by local authorities and the CDC. Fortune recommends that participants be up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and that you self test prior to arrival. If your test is positive, please stay home, even if you do not have symptoms. Similarly, if you are feeling unwell, please stay home. Masking is not required; wearing one is at your discretion.


Sarah London

Chief Executive Officer

Centene Corp.

Dr. Isaac Kohane

Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School; Editor-in-Chief


Dr. Peter Lee

President, Microsoft Research


Dr. Lloyd Minor

Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine; Vice President, Medical Affairs

Stanford University


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12:30 - 7:00 PM
2 - 3:00 PM

Meeting Patients Where They Are: Advancing Customer-Led Care
Hosted by Tarsus
Consumer expectations in health care have dramatically shifted. Today, individuals are not just patients; they are empowered customers who seek knowledge, understanding, and control over their well-being. What are the innovative solutions driving this new era of on-demand care? What strategies can be used to shift the focus from reactive care to an emphasis on prevention and wellness? How do companies strike a balance between calculated risks and strategic investments to drive innovations in health care? Hear more about the many ways companies are evolving to meet the demands of today’s health care consumers.
Bobak Azamian, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Patrick Carroll, Chief Medical Officer, Hims & Hers
Sarita T. Finnie, Vice President and General Manager, Innovation and Growth Strategy, Consumer Health, Bayer North America
Moderator: Maria Aspan, Senior Writer, Fortune

Trust Rebuilt: Patient-First Health Care
Hosted by CVS Health
More than 70% of Americans say the health care system is failing to meet their needs, according to a study commissioned by the American Academy of Physician Associates. Affordability and difficulty accessing care are two of the top reasons patients are losing faith in all levels of health care, from family doctors to local pharmacists. How can providers regain the trust of individuals and cater more effectively to their needs? A look at the strategies being deployed, from expanding telemedicine to enhancing the role of local pharmacies, to rebuild trust and transform patient care.
Nikhil Bumb, Managing Director, FSG
Dr. Michelle Gourdine, Senior Vice President, CVS Health; Chief Medical Officer, CVS Caremark
Dr. Shantanu Nundy, Executive Vice President, Care Delivery; Chief Health Officer, Accolade
Moderator: Jennifer Fields, Editor, Fortune Well, Fortune; Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health 


Establishing a Healthy Work Environment
A 2023 study reported more than 1 in 5 American workers have experienced harm to their mental health at work; depression alone has cost more than $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity. From the ergonomics of a desk chair to organizational values and an extensive employee benefits package, companies need to reevaluate how their employees feel when they come to work. What should some of the priorities be for workplaces moving forward? How could wellness initiatives, flexible work routines, or other supportive measures promote a healthier work environment?
Dr. Asima Ahmad, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Carrot Fertility
Russell Glass, Chief Executive Officer, Headspace
Dr. Aditi Vyas, Corporate Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, United Airlines
Jaclyn Wainwright,
Co-founder and CEO, AiRCare Health
Moderator: Holly Ojalvo, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations, Fortune

3 - 3:30 PM
3:40 - 3:45 PM
3:45 - 4:05 PM
America’s Sick Workforce and Building Better Health Systems

The average American has three chronic conditions. How do we build a health system that better serves each of us; and what can employers do to help this workforce lead healthy lives? Learn from specialists about the innovative efforts to manage illness and the work ahead of employers to expand support and keep their teams healthy.
Sean Duffy, Co-founder and CEO, Omada Health
Noosheen Hashemi, Founder and CEO, January AI
Owen Tripp, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Included Health
Moderator: Jennifer Fields, Fortune      


4:05 - 4:20 PM
The Changing Climate is Coming for Our Health

Extreme weather, from heat waves to impromptu hurricanes, are becoming regular health care emergencies. How are cities, health systems, and businesses coping? Learn how leaders are building more resilient systems for today and future generations.
Surella Segu, Chief Heat Officer, Monterrey, Mexico
Dr. Jane van Dis, Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Rochester Medical Center (appearing virtually)

Maria Aspan, Fortune


4:20 - 4:35 PM
Innovating for Better Outcomes: A Conversation With the Nation’s Largest Medicaid Insurer

As CEO of Centene, Sarah M. London leads a company that provides health care to 1 in 15 Americans and focuses on the nation’s poorest and sickest patients. In this one-on-one conversation with the Fortune 500’s youngest female CEO, we’ll discuss the current health care landscape and the innovations she’s bringing to Centene and its business of serving America’s most vulnerable and medically-complex populations.

Sarah London, Chief Executive Officer, Centene
Moderator: Erika Fry, Senior Writer, Fortune; Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm  Health

4:35 - 5:00 PM
Advancing Male Reproductive Health

The reproductive health space has seen a resurgence of fresh solutions for issues that were once taboo, and the men’s fertility space, in particular, is becoming big business. Hear from specialists at the forefront of this field who are addressing such challenges as the environmental impact on sperm decline and improving access to specialized care.
Khaled Kteily, Founder and CEO, Legacy
Dr. Brian Levine, Founding Partner and Practice Director, CCRM Fertility of New York
Pamela Pure, Co-founder and CEO, Posterity Health
Dr. Neel Shah, Chief Medical Officer, Maven Clinic
Moderator: Deena Shakir, General Partner, Lux Capital; Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health


5 - 5:20 PM
Keeping Health Equity a Priority

How have equity priorities in a post-pandemic world changed? From keeping a diverted focus on DEI to more ambitious standards of care globally, hear from these health equity leaders on the work ahead to expand access and the role the rest of the industry can play to support.
Dr. Uché Blackstock, Founder and CEO, Advancing Health Equity
Dr. Hala Borno, Associate Professor, Medicine, University of California San Francisco; Co-founder and CEO, Trial Library
Dr. Jayasree Iyer,
Chief Executive Officer, Access to Medicine Foundation
Moderator: Deena Shakir, General Partner, Lux Capital; Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health

5:20 - 5:40 PM
What’s Next in Generative AI’s Revolution in Medicine

We are witnessing AI’s revolution in medicine, but to Dr. Zak Kohane and Dr. Peter Lee, we’re only getting started. From finding solutions for an aging population to the rise of demand for medical services, AI has the potential to solve some of medicine’s most pressing issues. Hear from these experts on making way for the next frontier.
Dr. Isaac Kohane, Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School; Editor-in-Chief, NEJM AI
Dr. Peter Lee, President, Microsoft Research, Microsoft
Julie Yoo, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Moderator: Chrissy Farr, Owner and Editorial Lead, Second Opinion Media;  Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health


5:40 - 5:55 PM
Fortune Brainstorm Health Bernard J. Tyson Memorial Award 

Fortune Brainstorm Health will bestow the 2024 Bernard J. Tyson Memorial Award to racial justice advocate, physician, and CEO Dr. Uché Blackstock, Founder and CEO, Advancing Health Equity.
Presented by: Denise Bradley-Tyson, Executive Chairperson, Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund, American Heart Association
Accepting Award: Dr. Uché Blackstock, Founder and CEO, Advancing Health Equity
Moderator: Jennifer Fields, Fortune

5:50 - 6:00 PM
Switch Break
5:55 - 6:15 PM
Building Resilient Healthcare Companies

How can healthcare startups maintain momentum in a rapidly evolving economy? Is the current funding environment a challenge to be overcome or a welcome return to sustainable fundamentals? A discussion about the health and longevity for the business models underpinning the next generation of health companies.
Cathy Friedman, Executive Venture Partner, GV (Google Ventures)
Alyssa Jaffee, Partner, 7wireVentures
Anarghya Vardhana, General Partner, Maveron
Moderator: Andrew Nusca, Editorial Director, Fortune

6:15 - 7:15 PM
7:15 - 9:15 PM

Brainstorm Health Co-chairs

Christina Farr

Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health; Principal Investor, Health-Tech Lead

OMERS Ventures

Jennifer Fields

Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health; Editor, Well


Erika Fry

Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health; Senior Writer


Deena Shakir

Co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm Health; General Partner

Lux Capital


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